COVID-19 May 2020 Update

With the shutdown still in place, we unfortunately will not be opening up our new location to the public this month. We are set up 80% of the way, but as some of you know, we have halted all operations during the months of March and April due to the statewide shutdown.

USA Made Eyewear

We spent the last year listening to our community members and online consumers to gather input about what they're looking for, to ensure we meet their demands.

More recently, during the shutdown, we've heard our Auburn community members demand USA made products. With your support, we can ensure this happens. Over the years, the eyewear industry has shifted most of their manufacturing over to China, and that won't stop. Most Online Stores use labs across seas, who aren't regulated, hence why most online glasses are cheap, and the prescriptions are typically wrong.

There are great Independent Companies in the U.S. who do manufacture eyewear, and we want to introduce them to you. We want you to see what quality craftsmanship looks like, and why we're so proud to advocate for the Independent Eyewear Companies that exist today.

The American Dream

We are a small business and the absolute epitome of the American Dream. We have worked from the bottom to get to where we're at, and we have put our savings into building an Independent Optician location that emphasizes the importance in providing high quality products and services to our community members and our customers nationwide.

The Anticipation to Open Crushed 

Our dream was to open up our doors at our new location end of March 2020 after months of preparation and converting from operating under our corporation's name during the beta-testing phase, to coming up with a DBA we could be proud of, and finding the perfect storefront location.

We finally checked all our boxes: new location, new optical, new DBA, new branding, new lab, new eyewear, new website, new everything. Renovations were 80% completed, and then COVID-19 hit.

As you all know, all non-essential businesses were shut down. Typically, we would fall under the "essential" category, however, due to the city and state being shut down, they have stopped processing all applications, meaning we are queued up, and our fate lies in their hands for the next few months.

Online Ordering

Our online store, however, is not queued up, and we hope to receive support from all of you to ensure we get the opportunity to open up our new location. With no income coming in, and overhead and expenses due, every bit helps to keep us in business.

We are excited to announce that we will be accepting online orders beginning Monday, May 4, 2020. To make it easier for our patients, we will be offering free shipping for all orders over $99. Use Discount Code: ShipFree at checkout.

Gift cards are also available to anyone who would love to support us.