safety rx program

Providing Solutions for Businesses

We have partnered with businesses to provide all employees with safety prescription eyewear. Your company has the option of contacting us via phone, email, or scheduling an online appointment.

Have your employee provide a valid prescription and we'll do the rest! Once your employee's fitting is completed, we contact you to schedule the dispensing. This ensures your company and all your employees are compliant and protected.


Workers experience eye injuries in the workplace due to the following:

- They choose not to wear the provided safety glasses
- The safety glasses provided don’t provide adequate protection and are uncomfortable.
- Employers don’t provide them with any safety eyewear protection whatsoever.


According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), workers within the United States suffer from job related eye injuries on an everyday basis. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) encourage workers to protect their eyes with the appropriate safety eyewear to ensure they prevent any future eye related injury. There are safety glasses, safety face shields, safety goggles, amongst many other protective eyewear options available to workers.

Many are unaware that foreign objects and chemicals have the ability to cut and scrape the cornea of the eye. Other eye related injuries are caused by steam burns, hot splashes of grease, ultraviolet or radiation exposure, along with other common eye injuries that happen in hazardous workplaces. Wearing the right safety prescription eyewear can significantly reduce the chance of any of these incidents occurring.


  • We only provide fleet services to Companies who believe in putting Safety first for their team.
  • We don't have Sales Representatives. We send our Licensed Optician, who is a Registered Spectacle Lens Dispenser with the CA State Board of Optometry, to come out and properly fit every one of your employee(s) to ensure appropriate fitment.
  • We provide service for life. We can come out monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually to provide adjustments, repairs, and defective warranty inspections.
  • We are committed from beginning to end. Meaning, even if you have an employee who ends up being unable to work due to a disability, we will continue to provide mobile services to them to ensure they are taken care of.
  • We are authorized to dispense safety ophthalmic eyewear on behalf of Wiley X, Honeywell, and Hilco. Our license as a Registered Dispensing Optician (RDO) enables us to "dispense prescription spectacles."


We’ve received feedback from many patients in the past, while working in Retail Optical, Optometric, and Hospital settings, about how difficult it is to find a place to fill their work vouchers for safety prescription eyewear. Even when they locate an office, the selection is limited. Many of them end up going months without safety prescription eyewear because of the hassle. This is a problem.

Not only does that place your employees' vision at risk for eye injuries, but that may create problems for your company as well.

The employer is responsible for creating a safety protection program that meets essential government regulations. Unfortunately, the process is time consuming and finding a trustworthy optometric office or optical that has the time to meet your company’s demand would be difficult.

That's why we're here to provide our mobile services. Your employees' vision and safety is important to us. Because we are a family owned business, we take care to ensure each and every one of your employees are treated like family from beginning to end.


We specialize in fitting patients with safety prescription eyewear for all prescription and occupational needs. We do not believe in a one size fit all motto. Getting properly fitted is what will ensure your workers are protected and put your company out of risk for claims related to eye injuries. Not all safety prescription eyewear are the same. Nearly every worker we speak to tells us they would prefer not to wear their safety eyewear due to discomfort, however, if there was something more comfortable, they would be more likely to wear them.

Safety is our passion and we want to take care of every single person as though we are fitting our loved ones. That is why we provide mobile optician options for your company when you need to onboard new employees. We work with your HR or Safety Coordinator to ensure every employee is taken care of, from start to finish. That includes, the fitting process, the final dispensing and adjustment of the safety prescription eyewear, and care after.


- Delivering great quality safety prescription eyeglasses.

- Providing convenience and ease when ordering. 

- Correctly dispensing and adjusting prescription eyewear for your employees. 

- Taking care of your company and your employees’ safety for life.

member's benefit overview

Note: Member fees listed below INCLUDE Mobile Optician Service fees built in. Member Fees listed below CANNOT be combined with Vision Insurance Benefits or other Promos. If you choose to use your Vision Insurance Benefits, we must bill your insurance the U&C. We accept FSA/HSA cards as payment for individual orders.