Medi-Cal Member Vision Benefits for Eyeglasses

Independent Optician accepting Medi-Cal members and providing Vision Benefits for Eyeglasses at a member discount rate, US, Auburn, CA, FL, TX

Because we use our high-end lab to manufacturer eyeglasses to stay in line with our high quality standards, we are not in-network with Medi-Cal, which contracts with the California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA), a business enterprise within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation that employs inmates, which has been in place since 1988. We are supportive of the inmates having the opportunity of obtaining meaningful work and gaining work skills; however, due to 1.5-3 month long wait time and quality control issues, it is not feasible for us to use their lab without affecting our patient care experience and low optician error % rate.

Alternatively, we provide special member rates and this allows us to continue to deliver at a high level when it comes to the fabrication of eyeglasses. Quality matters to us, which is why we are willing to not get paid by Medi-Cal due to our dedication to not compromise when it comes to delivering high quality eyeglasses. This is a request many medi-cal patients have asked for over the years. Those wanting good quality products and services come to us because we are willing to work with those with limited, fixed, or lower income households. We always find something for everyone.

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