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Our patients asked for USA made products, for USA in-house manufacturing, to support small businesses within the USA, and for us to only partner with the best partner labs and veteran affiliated businesses. After working with various optical labs over the last 15 years, and opening flagship locations for the biggest eyewear company, our Licensed Optician/Owner has high expectations for quality control. She's worked with Essilor-owned labs, VSP labs, Luxottica-owned labs, Eyemed contracted labs (Essilor-Luxotica), Hoya, Zeiss, Nikon, ABB, Ocular, CSC, the VA's contracted lab, to mid size and small size independent labs.

She has narrowed her partner labs down to the very best as she's basing her decisions on the lab technician's opticianry experience, staff turnover, lens material quality, coating quality, safety quality, scratch quality, lens distortion, prescription accuracy, bevel quality, meeting ANSI tolerance, patient adaptability, lab redos, warranty redos, and more. This is why we do not focus on being the cheapest nor are we able to contract with state health programs that tend to contract with state prison apprenticeship work programs. We focus on being the most accurate with extremely low optician error rates below 1% to match our licensed optician/owner's expectations for dispensing quality eyeglasses, sunglasses, and safety glasses. Good enough is never good enough; it must be exceptional.

The Vision Parlor Independent Optical in the USA
Wiley X Authentic Rx Lenses from Wiley X Lab at The Vision Parlor
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Costa Rx Lab
United Healthcare Spectera Medicare in-network eyeglasses at The Vision Parlor
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