The Vision Parlor® Brand Authenticity Counterfeits and Fraud Disclosure

We would like to warn you against counterfeiting / fraud on the web. The Vision Parlor has a zero tolerance policy in terms of counterfeiting and fraud.

We are familiar with the current incidence of counterfeiting and fraud attempts, and other businesses attempting to represent themselves as “The Vision Parlor®.” Any other variations of our business name (i.e. Vision Parler, The Vision Parler, Vision Parlir, The Vision Parlir, Vision Parloor, The Vision Parloor, Vision Parlour, The Vision Parlour,,,, within the optical/optometry/ophthalmic industry are not entities or subsidiaries of our parent company, WATTSWERKS INC. These businesses are not in relation to The Vision Parlor® or®. We are working to eliminate these as quickly as possible to ensure authenticity of our products and/or services.

If a website or brick and mortar location offers you a new ‘The Vision Parlor®’ branded product at unnaturally low prices, these are not authentic as we do not allow other businesses to sell our products. We are a single practice/retailer located in Auburn, CA, USA and we sell our products via online. Please be cautious and critical of the sincerity and quality of the product as we stand behind the quality of our products. Remember to be extra careful when buying a "cheap item" in general. Often the offer may seem too good to be true and you should make sure your bank account is not at risk for fraudulent activities. Our website has an badge which indicates to our consumers that we are authorized to draft payment from their accounts for products/services purchased from “The Vision Parlor®” website “

Please let us know by e-mail if you come by any businesses that are misrepresenting themselves as The Vision Parlor or When you send us an email, please attach an image of the counterfeit product you purchased, as well as the physical address / URL of the store.

Thank you,

The Vision Parlor®