Visit Our Independent Optician in Auburn, CA

Located in Downtown Auburn, CA across from Local Heroes, and next to the Auburn Chamber of Commerce and the California Welcome Center. By Appointment Only.

The Beta Optical was previously operating under WATTSWERKS INC, during its testing phase to test out lab services, products, and services.

The Vision Parlor will be opening up its street view storefront location in 2021!

Optician Services

Using an outside prescription valid in the State of CA, you may select a frame and we will review lens options available. This service includes a full fitting (includes optical measurements), dispensing (frame adjustments), and follow-ups.

  • Single Vision Far Distance for Myopia
  • Single Vision Near Reading for Hyperopia
  • Single Vision Intermediate Computer
  • Lined Bifocal for Presbyopia
  • Digital Blended Bifocal for Presbyopia
  • Digital Free-Form Progressives for Presbyopia
  • Standard Conventional Progressives for Presbyopia
  • Occupational Lenses for Presbyopia

Precise Fittings




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We change lives one vision at a time. Building self-confidence is important to many of our clients so having a Frame Party is a great way to be around others who share the same experiences.


Our company is impressed with Anna’s professionalism and knowledge. We have a business account set up and Anna comes out to provide us with her optician services. It’s fantastic since it makes it convenient for our employees.

Barbara H.

Anna’s been my Optician for the last 10 years due to her great knowledge. She is exceptional with adjustments and she cares about her craft. I see my optometrist for my yearly exam and go to Anna to have my prescription filled because I like designing my glasses a certain way.

Dave S.

As a disabled veteran I am grateful for their home service. I don’t get around as easily and it’s been hard for me to make it to my appointments since my family aren’t around...I’ve never had someone take such care in taking care of us older men and our glasses.

Fred G.

I can’t praise her enough for what she did for us at the VA. Without you, all us veterans would still be waiting for our glasses.

Randall J.

Knowledgeable optician. What differentiates them from others is a trait that seems to be harder and harder to come by these days: customer service.

Laura T.