Fitting Eyeglasses for Patients with Autism

Those who are on the autism spectrum process sensory information differently, and over her 15 years, our licensed optician has fitted, adjusted, and fully designed customized eyeglasses to help ease her patients discomfort when it comes to light sensitivity, accommodating concerns over weight, feel, color preferences, building tolerance and adaptation. Her patients are not "one size fits all," which is why she takes the time to find solutions and properly fit to help her patients see better out of their eyeglasses while respecting their concerns.

She has worked with many patients with different health conditions, in various healthcare settings in private practice, retail opticals, the veteran affairs (VA) hospital, and at our optical where the patient may have difficulty communicating their discomfort when it comes to seeing comfortably out of their eyeglasses. Measuring patients with autism from childhood to adulthood has allowed her to understand how to foresee potential issues, prevent those issues from occurring and properly accommodate her patients. Our optical will do our best to accommodate all requests including and not limited to blocking off more time, special order frames prior to the appointment, reduced lighting within the optical, allowing for curbside appointments; whatever is necessary to ensure the eyeglass fitting process is not a stressful experience.

By thinking outside of the box, she ensures her patients don't feel rushed or feel like an inconvenience. She simply wants her patients to see better and know they are well cared for. When you choose to get fitted for your next set of eyeglasses after you get your eye exam and written prescription from your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist, and need someone who understands, think of The Vision Parlor.


  • Mobile optician appointments
  • Curbside requests
  • Extended appointment time blocks
  • Pre-order custom frames prior to visit
  • Communication via chat, email, or phone for those not local and would like us to make their eyeglasses and ship.
  • Anything else you can think of to make sure you or your loved ones are comfortable.

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