Hinge Repair
Hinge Repair
Hinge Repair
Hinge Repair
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Hinge Repair

The Vision Parlor
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Have eyeglasses that need the hinge repaired? We typically limit the repair to bent hinges. However, we understand some customers love their eyeglasses and want to do everything possible to salvage it. If the hinge is completely broken or if the metal slider detached from the spring hinge, we will always do our best to attempt to repair it, but please keep in mind this type of repair may not be a permanent solution if the damage is too severe. It's common for the slider to detach again, therefore, we provide a limited 30 day warranty on all repair work.

For most major eyeglass repairs, full rebuilds, severe damage to hinges, we charge labor hours. Due to the various designs, materials, and complexities involved for repairing different eyewear, and depending on how old the glasses are, repair times and fees may vary and if that's the case, we may provide you with a labor rate quote instead. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who repairs the eyeglasses at The Vision Parlor?

95% of repairs are completed by our nationally ABO Certified and Licensed Optician at our in-house lab at our Optical. She has well over 15 years of experience and has fixed and crafted more than 50,000 pairs of eyeglasses. She was mentored and trained by the most skilled and experienced Optician with well over 45 years of experience prior to her entering the profession. She has continued the tradition and takes time to complete repairs the right way to meet ANSI standards and is meticulous when it comes down to the details.

For the other 5% of repairs that we are unable to repair in-house, we will send the job to our partner lab. We do not trust many with our patient's or customer's eyeglasses, so if we're willing to put them in their hands, we have confidence in their work. We will only charge labor/part fees + shipping & processing both ways if we are unable to complete the work in-house. 

How long does an eyeglass repair take at The Vision Parlor?

We do not use quick fix methods when completing eyeglass repairs. The goal isn't to put a bandaid on the wound here at The Vision Parlor. Most repairs can be completed the same day, but this depends on our Licensed Optician's patient schedule. If we have all parts in-house, turn-around time is usually same day or next day. If special parts are needed, depending how long it takes for those custom or original manufactured eyeglass parts to come in, times may vary. Our Licensed Optician will be transparent as to whether it would make senses to complete the repair or not. Oftentimes, repairing eyeglasses that are known to get damaged again in the same areas is common, especially when the frame is reaching the end of its lifespan. We will provide all recommendations beforehand. For the 5% of work that we might not be able to complete in-house, and will be sending to our partner lab. Although the work itself can typically be completed within 1-2 business days, please allow another 7-10 business days to account for shipping times. Contact us if you have any questions.

Will you repair frames not purchased at The Vision Parlor?

Most frames we repair are not purchased here at The Vision Parlor. For all prescription eyeglasses and eyewear purchased through us, most repairs and warranties are included. We have repaired all types of glasses from various Optometry practices, Opticals, Hospitals, Clinics and Online websites not limited to:

  • Warby Parker (they will reimburse up to $50 for frame adjustments)
  • Luxottica owned companies:

  • Target Optical
  • Sunglass Hut
  • Spectacle Hut
  • Pearle Vision
  • Oticas Carol
  • OPSM
  • LensCrafters
  • LensCrafters at Macys
  • Laubman & Pank
  • Site for Sore Eyes
  • Costco
  • Walmart Vision Center
  • National Vision
  • Kaiser
  • Veteran Affairs (VA) Hospital
  • GlassesUSA
  • Eyebuydirect
  • Firmoo
  • Jins
  • Eyeconic (VSP Owned)
  • Kits
  • Lensabl
  • Zenni Optical
  • Amazon

What brand of eyewear can be repaired at The Vision Parlor?

Eyeglass Repair for Luxottica Brands and all eyeglass brands, broken eyeglasses, eyeglass repair, fix glasses, Versace, Prada, Tiffanys, Tom Ford, Tory Burch, Ray Ban, Oakley, Burberry, Chanel, Persol, Vogue
Eyeglass Repair Brands

Can we ship to The Vision Parlor and have our eyeglasses repaired?

Yes, you may ship your eyeglasses to our address:

The Vision Parlor
1119 High St Ste 2
Auburn, CA 95603
Attention: Repairs

Disclosure: We are not liable for lost shipments on its way to us, so please make sure to ship with a tracking number and purchase insurance to cover the value of your eyeglasses. Once we receive your eyeglasses, we will provide a quote before completing any work. Once we receive your approval, we will invoice you for the charges.

If shipping back to you is required, please take into account, shipping times depend on your choice in shipping.

Can we walk-in to The Vision Parlor and have our eyeglasses repaired?

Yes, walk-ins are welcomed. You may visit us during our business hours. Alternatively, you may book an appointment here. We highly recommend doing so if you do not like to wait and on a time crunch. Our one-woman army Licensed Optician takes care of all her patients in Auburn, CA, across the US, and in other countries. She makes custom eyeglasses for every single one of her patients within the USA, so we appreciate your patience and understanding.