Costa Announces They Will Be Joining Luxottica 2019

Today we received a letter from Costa announcing they will be joining Luxottica's portfolio. The eyewear industry is constantly changing.

Our office is known for carrying only Independent Eyewear. With this new change, Costa will be the only line we carry that is under the Luxottica Brands.

The City of Auburn, CA is known for its community filled with independent mom and pop shops. The residents within Auburn, CA support their local businesses and they believe in quality. If you walk through Old Town Auburn or Downtown Auburn, each shop is unique and offers something you simply can't find elsewhere. This is why we believe in promoting Independent Companies. Their products need to be supported by small local businesses. This is one of the few ways to set your business apart from your competitors who may carry all the same products.


Amongst other news, we would like to introduce our new Safety and Sport Eyewear Collection from Wiley X Inc., a company founded by Myles Freeman Sr., a proud U.S. Veteran in 1987 with a single premise - provide superior protective eyewear to the brave men and women who defend our country.

Follow us as we introduce new Independent Eyewear lines to our patients.

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