Why Optometrists Don’t Give Out PDs

Want to know why your Optometrist or Opticians do not want to give you your PD?


We’ve read countless articles from bloggers who aren’t experts in the Optometric field, and it’s a shame because their followers continue to educate themselves with false information. If PD measurements were so simple, there wouldn’t be a need for troubleshooting unwanted prism, image jumps, and reasons for eye strain. What about the disregard for optic centers? What about non adaptations to lens materials or lens design? There are too many variables to consider when it comes to your eyesight.


We believe in the importance of completing a proper final inspection prior to dispensing any prescription eyewear to our patients.


Did you know that many places don’t actually complete the necessary final inspection that is expected of them prior to dispensing prescription eyeglasses? Some either don’t have the time or simply don’t understand how to do so. We would love to trust that the labs are doing their due diligence, however, mistakes happen (more often than you would like to think). A final inspection is extremely necessary and is not something to be taken lightly.


We do a full final inspection at our office because we personally, along with our family members, have been placed into the wrong prescriptions in the past. Some patients don’t know what’s right or not, especially children and the elderly. We know because we used to be those children.


It’s enticing to buy the cheapest thing online or when you try to be an optician without the necessary training, by self measuring without understanding how to do so, therefore guestimating your PD, but this is detrimental to your sight. Why? First and foremost, they may change over time due to different reasons. Second, it may cause unwanted prism, image jumps, unnecessary eye strain, and much worse. Your eyes adapt to the prescription, but what if it’s adapting to the wrong prescription?


The Department of Consumer Affairs and the State of California Board of Optometry has been cracking down on these types of convenience apps and online self exams for a reason. It is a 50/50 gamble you’re taking.


A good Optometrist who examines the overall health of your eyes, testing for ocular diseases along with an experienced Optician cannot be replaced by devices. We have had to troubleshoot too many cases if humans were that easily replaceable.


We have tested out 3 different stand alone (no physical optical dispensary completing final inspections - mostly dropshipped) online websites for eyeglasses and more often than not, the glasses are not within tolerance aka “not to spec”, thereby the prescriptions fail inspection and should not be dispensed to patients. Many still ship these glasses out because they know consumers will not go through the hassle of returning the glasses.


If you ever feel like your eyes are straining beyond comfort level, then most likely, something is wrong. A proper troubleshoot appointment is needed with an experienced optician who is at the very least, certified, but preferably licensed to do a thorough troubleshoot prior to going back to your Optometrist to re-examine you.


Take care of your eyes, you’ve only got one set.

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