performance optics

High Precision Optics to ensure you have the best optical experience on the road.

Performance is important to the community of automotive enthusiasts. We work with many individuals who seek the best optics when it comes to operating their vehicles. Having the best clarity while driving enables you to drive as safely as possible.

We provide ophthalmics to different leaders within the automotive industry, including shop owners, professional drivers, and car enthusiasts who seek the best performance experience on the road, and that includes having the clearest vision while driving. It is important to us to have the proper feedback from our community of drivers so we can continuously work to provide our customers with the best lens recommendations.


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Perfect for auto-crossing, track days, and everyday commuting. 580 lenses have perfect clarity. Fully customizable prescription and non-prescription lenses. Sun protection is extremely important and not every pair of sunglasses are the same.


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