Acuvue Oasys
Acuvue Oasys
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Acuvue Oasys

Johnson & Johnson
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ACUVUE OASYS with HYDRACLEAR PLUS Technology is the preferred lens for new reusable contact lens wearers. It has never been beaten in comfort after 20 clinical studies, and is the #1 prescribed brand for new contact lens patients. Unbeaten Comfort is critical for new contact lens wearers:

Almost 1 in 3 new spherical contact lens wearers dropout in the first year, and comfort issues are the top reason. In a survey, Eye Care Professionals considered ACUVUE OASYS:

Most comfortable for new contact lens wearers
The lens new contact lens wearers are least likely to dropout of ACUVUE OASYS contains HYDRACLEAR PLUS Technology, an embedded wetting agent throughout the lens that mimics mucins to help maintain a stable tear film.
ACUVUE OASYS contains Industry Leading, Class 1 UV Blocking.
  • Unbeaten in Comfort
  • Industry Leading UV Blocking
  • #1 Selling Contact Lens in the US and Around the world
  • #1 Prescribed Brand for New Patients in the US6

8.4 mm base curve/14 mm diameter

8.8 mm base curve/14 mm diameter

Power Ranges

-0.50D to -6.00D (0.25D increments)

-6.50D to -12.00D (0.50D increments)

+0.50D to +6.00D (0.25D increments)

+6.50D to +8.00D (0.50D increments)

Lens material: Senofilcon A
Technology: HYDRACLEARÆ PLUS Technology
Dk/t (edge-corrected): 5 147x10
Water content: 38%
UV blocker: Class 1
Center thickness at: -3.00D (mm) 0.070
Inside-out mark: Yes (1-2-3)
Visibility tint: Yes
Package size: 12 or 24 lenses


24 pack

1 year = 2 boxes total; 1 box per eye

12 pack

1 year = 4 boxes total; 2 boxes per eye
6 months = 2 boxes total; 1 box per eye