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Eye Size: 45
A: 45
B: 40
DBL: 20
Temple: 135

Lens Material

-Recommended for mid-index powers between +2.50 and -3.00
-Best optical clarity with the least distortion
-Best material for computer
-Strongest and most durable lens material

Rx Limits: For kids under 18 years old, you must select trivex or polycarbonate for safety, durability, and impact resistance.

-Recommended for mid-index powers between +2.50 and -3.00
-Cost effective safety lens
-Strong and durable lens material

Rx Limits: For kids under 18 years old, you must select trivex or polycarbonate for safety, durability, and impact resistance.

California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

For more information:

Lens Design

Single vision correction is designed to help people who require correction of farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism. These eyeglasses have just a single optical prescription correction and distributes focus evenly over the entire surface area of the lens.

-Standard: Spherical, conventional design
-HD Digital: Aspheric, flatter, more precise and digitally surfaced lens design
-Shamir Relax: an anti-fatigue lens for single vision wearers. Click to learn more.

Provides the optimal balance between:
-distance (far) vision and reading (near) vision
-distance (far) vision and computer vision
-computer vision and reading (near) vision

-FT-28 is a standard lined bifocal with a window width of 28 mm.
-Shamir Duo is a blended bifocal; ideal if you do not like the visible line in a standard bifocal.

Lens Add-Ons

Anti-reflective coating (also called "AR coating" or "anti-glare coating") improves vision, reduces eye strain and makes your eyeglasses look more attractive.

AR coating virtually eliminates reflections from the front and back surfaces of your lenses. More light passes through your lenses to optimize visual acuity with fewer distractions (especially at night), and the lenses look nearly invisible.

Best Overall: Crizal Sapphire or Avance
Best Blue Light: Crizal Prevencia
Good: In-House AR

Transitions or Transitions XTRActive are great if you want an all in one set of eyeglasses. The lenses change to a darker tinted lens color as it gets exposed to the UV light. The lenses help to reduce eye strain and eye fatigue caused by bright lights when outdoors. Transitions are an ideal solution if you're looking for a great blue light blocker.

Polarized: An additional layer added to the lens to block out glare from horizontal surfaces to reduce brightness and discomfort.

Solid Tint: Color varies depending on personal preferences. Darker tints are used as sunglasses, while lighter tints are used for fashion. Tints are used to reduce brightness and discomfort.

Gradient Tint: Color is darker on the top and faded to a lighter color on the bottom. This design is ideal for reading outdoors, and/or leaving the sunglasses on for days that are not as bright. The density of the darkest part of the lens and the color can be varied to accommodate for each individual’s preference.

Mirror coatings decrease light transmission thereby minimizing certain harmful wavelengths from reaching the eyes. They optimize the usable light that passes through the lens for specific light conditions helping guard against harmful high energy visible light and reducing eye strain and fatigue. They enhance function and fashion in both sun and sports eyewear, giving advanced sun protection and great cosmetic appeal.

Blue Filter Technology: Artificial blue light from screens and energy-efficient lighting disrupts your biological clock and causes digital eye strain; negatively impacting sleep, health, and productivity. Adding this feature reduces your exposure to blue light.
Backside Anti-Reflective Coating: Reduces light that bounces or reflects off the backside of the lenses into your eyes.
Polished Edge: Provides the invisible appearance around the lens edge.
Roll & Polish: Reduces edge thickness and provides invisible appearance around the lens edge.